Black Ice is Golden

The BEST and PUREST ice- Grade AA, Transparent, Black Ice is rare and amazing. 
It is called ‘black’ because the water underneath is absorbs most or all of the light.  A more technical term is congelation ice.  On lakes it is usuallytype  S1 or S2 ice. It has a bunch of other names (see below).  This is the clearest ice, being thin and new.
Above is a 5 mile view looking straight at our venue(in front of Tanglwood Resorts/Boat House). That is Epply Island in the foreground. And beyond that is Silver Birches resort, where from that shoreline you can get another view looking toward the Dam, in the below photo.
Only 2 inches here, and 5 to 6 deeper in the coves, according to Ice Fisherman. Photos are courtesy of Phil and Steve whom are on our Volunteer committee from the lake region, and also players in the Pond Hockey Tournament.
Lets hope it holds up…

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