Pre-Announcement and Ice Measurement

Keep in mind that we will be issuing a Press-Release and decision by this Monday, January the 16th about whether we will hold to the Planned date(Jan 28/29th), or postpone to the Backup date (Feb 25/26th).

This all depends on how safe the ice will be for our event. Wally Ice Fest needs a minimum of 9 inches in ice thickness. Ice thickness is never uniform on any body of water, making it hard to judge the safety of the area. The near-shore ice is often much thicker and safer than ice further out. The main body of the lake typically does take longer to freeze and is expected to be thinner than what is now reported in the Coves (6 inches).

Testing is planned to be done this Sunday at both North and South event locations. We also monitor Ice fishing pages and information and welcome input from the sportsmen familiar with Lake Wallenpaupack, who may have been out there lately.

Mild weather is expected to continue…only 3 days in the 15-day forecast are expected to have the High’s below Freezing. We will report back on a more accurate forecast and the results of our testing on Monday, the 16th.


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