Please be sure to select the correct division for your team.   Note the minimum age and general skill level for each division.

This is intended to be a fun and fair competition!  Please do not play below your skill level as it is not fun for anyone involved!  Only captains should Register (you will be asked to fill in your roster later).  Please read our special rules on divisions.

Download and fill out the CAP Roster Form to help decide which division is appropriate and Email copy to

*** League organizers reserve the right to move your team to a different division to balance divisions ***

Price listed is per team.

 If you have any problems with online registration, please email your contact info and CAP Roster Form to Thanks! 

ATTENTION!  If you get the error below while attempting to register, please clear your browser cache and delete any cookies for and try again.  Alternatively, you can open a “private” or “incognito” window and try to register in that window.

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